Photo’s by Raul Touzon, National Geographic photographer



I’m Daphne and I’m passionate about a lot of things.

For me life was all about architecture. I had one focus: becoming a great architect.. but just before graduating I got hit by an auto-immune disease that forced me to change directions. I graduated and after some challenging years I recovered. It was a time I had to stand still and because of that I developed myself in a very broad perspective that I’m very thankful for.

Passionate about art and curious about the secrets of the mind and our subconscious, I used my education in the field of science and design to switch towards working with people directly and I started to design projects with the purpose of empowerment and awareness, so I could give back the valuable things I learned.

I can see you is one of these projects in which I make you aware of how we connect to one another and what our hidden thought patterns/beliefs are.

In Come alive I use photography and mind-body awareness to bring light to our shadows and to see behind our masks. It is a powerful and fun way to make you aware of your hidden riches so you can realign to who you really are, live the life you truly want and get the health and happiness you deserve. It became my mission to make you aware of the devastating power of our suppressed emotions and how they affect our immuun system, creating the epidemic chronic illnesses and addictions in our world today.

In SoulStories, I meet people from all over the world, to make a portrait and talk a bit about their lives. I love these beautiful encounters where people share their aspirations, hopes and dreams. Dreams they never told someone else before or dreams they forgot about and then, because of that short moment we met and made a portrait, they actually make a change in their lives. Just a simple photograph and sincere attention seemed to make the difference.

Life Stories is what grew out of my love for these SoulStories. People started to tell me more about their lives and I got better at listening and asking questions that opened up some amazing conversations. So much of these stories related to my life as well and I realized that sharing stories and our truth gives others permission to share their stories as well. Which creates deeper connections and more understanding for one another.

So these encounters and stories led towards the documentaire work I’m currently working on. I had the privilege of working with SHE Collaborates, to show the beautiful work they put out into the world to create good health education worldwide. For me it was all about empowerment of women in these different corners of the world.

Now I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and experienced and combined it with years of research into psychology, neuroscience, personal development, and sociology to create emotionally moving stories. I love to investigate and see things from a different perspective and all this learning gave me the ability to ask interesting and meaningful questions so I can make interesting stories that might leave you full of curiosity towards people and life in general.

Maybe this made you curious. Welcome to my website!

Daphne holds a Master degree in Science (MSc) ir