Myth of my name

The myth of my name fascinated me for years. What does it mean and why was I given this name?

I started to explore ways to give voice to ‘Daphne’ but I found it difficult to express the story in a less common way. Recently, while I was working on this ongoing project again, I came upon some older pieces I made and found collages of me running through the woods and this particular one of which I didn’t think it would work at the time. It shows another side of the myth. And in a way it is a very emotional version to me because the day I was photographing this ‘Daphne’ my mother had a tiny heart attack.

So I stitched the place there once was a heart (stitching comes from the dutch word ‘stikken’ which you do on a sewing machine, but it also means ‘to suffocate’).

And this is it for now: this is my version of the Myth about Daphne and Apollo

Nieuws, campagnes en specials!