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Five beautiful young people | the challenge | portraits | masks | stories | connection

Meaningful connections, photograps behind the masks, music, art, science and stories. It was all present last weekend between these beautiful and inspiring students at the workshop. Although some people could not make it, it was the perfect group to work with and to have fun together. It brought the connection and the intensity I wanted to work with, so it turned out exactly as it should be.

We asked ourselves questions about who we think we see when we look into someone else’s eyes, and we talked about the philosophers we read, the experiences we had in the past and we shared what we read about the subconscious, mirror neurons, epi-genetics, neuroscience, emotions, creativity and art. Not to know the answer, but to ask ourselves things about life and how we are convinced that the way we think about life and health will inevitable change in future time.

I was happily surprised about the wisdom these young people already have. How open they are towards new idea’s and how they are not afraid to study lot of different things that might not relate at first site. And I found out that they study these (progressive) subjects we were talking about in their free time on youtube. Like I do study them on the internet as well. So we related immediately.

“I learned more about myself in one day, than I learned these past six weeks in university.”

“I’m a little ‘shocked’. I never thought people could see that in me.”

“Everybody is so nice. I know that I write nice things for others, but I did not expect to read that too on my sheet.”

“I’m not used to not smile in an image. I got really uncomfortable at first, because how should I look? I was really aware of my expression. But than it felt good.”

“What I can say is that this experience gave me peace: being with you people, feeling that I could be myself and don’t feeling judged. I don’t use to get such a strong connection in such a short time with people, feeling so comfortable, it’s amazing. And using something as nice as photography as our “tool” to get it. It also made me realise how much we use our smile as a mask, it’s something I’d never thought about before and it’s true.”

Photo daphnedumoulin

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